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Incredibly Awkward Isiah Thomas Interview On Boomer And Carton This Morning

Fantastic Boomer Esiason reaction. Telling it just like it is:

Boomer and Carton laughing right in Isiah’s face:

Isiah Thomas might be the biggest joke on the planet earth. The fact that he expects people to take him seriously as a New York Liberty executive is so fucking ridiculous. Like theres no way he actually expects that, right? I can understand if he has to say all these things as a company man now, but the fact that he expects to go on WFAN and discuss New York Liberty basketball, when they are inexorably linked to the men’s pro franchise he decimated, is laughable. And Boomer said it best – we’re talking about a NBA legend. One of the greatest pro basketball players ever. The fact that he would be interested in women’s pro hoops is either a complete joke, or its very very very bizarre. That is the ULTIMATE downgrade. From Hall of Fame player to underachieving NBA coach to disgraced pro executive to failed college coach and now WNBA exec. The plunge continues! I dont think it can go any lower.

Imagine someone else of his caliber from his era pedaling the WNBA on people? Talking about how he doesnt care about gender and how the women’s game is so beautiful to watch and shit? Take a fucking hike. There is NO CHANCE Isiah Thomas gives a fuck about the WNBA. He’s here as James Dolan’s mistress. Weaseling his way back into the doors of Madison Square Garden just when the Knicks have draft picks and money to spend. Brokeback Garden is back in full effect and the job with the Liberty is a ruse. And the fact that he doesnt expect people to call it like it is, is a complete joke.

As for the interview itself, I thought Boomer and Craig did a fantastic job. Craig flat out asking “Why do you want this job?” and bluntly explaining that nobody in New York ever has, or ever will, care about the WNBA was great. Boomer will probably have to issue an apology about how he said an NBA legend wouldnt want anything to do with the women’s game – because the world has gone soft – but that was 10000% what everyone else was thinking. Tons of long, awkward silences. Tons of uncomfortable moments. Just an absolute trainwreck from that weirdo Isiah with his soft girly voice. Whole thing all around was cringeworthy,