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Silver-Haired White House Reporter Asks The President If He Regrets All His Lies To The American People and then Casually Puts His Finger on his Face Like Hes In Physics101 At a Junior College

If that guy isn’t verified on twitter, he’s about to be. Get it?

I cannot imagine doing that. The stones. You are in the White House and ask such a loaded, direct, and downright accusatory question AND THEN REPEAT IT andddd THEN put your finger on your head like you’re bored with the answer before you even get one.

Even a President a Trump had to be thinkin “what’s the deal with this guy? Who pissed in his Cheerios?”

Well, Mr. President, rest assured that I will not slumber until I find the Cheerio pisser and I’m on the full-out hunt because I accidentally took tomorrow’s medicine this afternoon so I’m on a double dose of vyvanse and Wellbutrin. You’re fucked, reporter guy. Not by me... but probably by someone in DC who hates the President with every fiber of their being. Far be it from me to play Capitol city Cupid but I’m pretty sure this lady would give your penis the whatfer. 


Ps. I admit that my title was a little wordy but sometimes being verbose is being succinct.