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Time To See If The Wild Make A Series Of This, Hawks At Wild Game 3

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Game 3 at home after losing 2 on the road seems to be the most logical spot for the Wild to get back into this series, not to mention Corey Crawford 100% had a concussion on Sunday night that went undiagnosed/untreated. But, with that said, am I crazy for thinking the Hawks are going to win this tonight? I probably am, this is probably the Wild’s best punch their kitchen sink if you will, I just know how the good the Hawks are playing right now and think they can beat anyone, anywhere, any time. Everything points to a loss and that’s why I think they’ll win. Time will tell and I’ll probably eat my words because I’m an incredible mush but here it is Hawks 3, Wild 2. Let’s Go Hawks.




Same lines and pairings tonight, let’s hope everything stays hot.

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