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Game 2, Let's GO HAWKS

Game 1 didn't go the Hawks' way. I was upset after the fact. You were upset. Toews was upset. I bet Patrick Kane was furious. Now is the time to get desperate. To wrestle the series back and get that split in the first two games. And guess what? Per usual, as we draw nearer to puck I start to believe. The Blackhawks need to make changes and here is one big one

I like this a lot. I've been calling for Boqvist to be unleashed and it hasn't happened. I don't know if that is his doing or the coaching staff's, but if he doesn't contribute offensively then he can't be in the lineup because at this point in his career he's a bit of a liability defensively. I really liked what I saw in Carlsson's game in limited action this year. Calm, quiet, good feet, good brain. That should translate into a deeper defensive unit. Looks like Carlsson will be skating with Murphy. De Haan is with Duncs. 

I'll always believe in my guys. I hope that they can replicate some of their defensive game plan from Tuesday while also letting their best players be their best players. Have a system that allows Patrick Kane to get the puck in space and with support. The Hawks are going to need more kicks at the can than they had in game 1. Vegas is awesome. It doesn't matter what style you play, they're going to generate chances so you might as well try to open things up a bit that lets your guys get theirs. I believe we will see playoff Kane today. I believe we will see an A+ Crawford. I believe. That is what it comes down to. If you don't then you can watch Harry Potter. It's on USA network right now. I'll be riding with my guys. Join Or Die. Let's GO HAWKS.