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Which Three 2006 Movies Would You Delete FOREVER?

Column A: The Departed is obviously untouchable, and so is Children of Men for me. I'm not sure how many of you have seen it, but I highly recommend watching because it is god damn incredible. Alfonso Cuarón is one of the great cinematography minds working right now and all his work is pure flames. While The Prestige is amazing, it's just the odd man out here for me. 

Column B: Little Miss Sunshine is a pretty easy pick. It's such a great movie but I don't watch it more than maybe once every 5 years. The other two I can do start to finish any day of the week. 

Column C: I included Beerfest kind of as a courtesy. It was an infinitely quotable for me in high school, but after rewatching the movie recently it became clear that it isn't in the same league as Talladega Nights and Borat at all.