This Clip Of Steven Seagal Training With Daniel Cormier That Recently Resurfaced Is Simply Incredible

This is just Steven Seagal 101 - the absolute legend at his finest, talking to Olympian/UFC Champion Daniel Cormier like he's a whitebelt who just walked into the gym for the first time, babbling on about how nobody who sees what Seagal showed DC could ever talk about it. Cormier's got the smile and head nod going of a guy hearing his grandfather talk about fucking some youngster up, and it's just perfect. 

Shoutout to the SpinninBackfist team for gettin that up and in the eyes of DC - I think we got the best MMA socials in the game right now.

P.S. I'm awaiting my COVID test results as we speak, but so long as everything goes well with those, we're off to the Cormier/Miocic presser in a bit! Excited!