Juan Soto Is Completely Addicted To Hitting The Longest Home Runs Possible


As good as Juan Soto is at hitting baseballs and sending them into the stratosphere, I'm still sitting here in awe about what he has been doing. He's not just hitting dingers, he is obliterating the ball. Every single home run is a moonshot. 

He went 463






Whatever this one was, his 2nd of the night last night



And then 435 today.

My favorite part about today's is this whole series I've been thinking how cool of a promotion it'd be if you got a free Minute Made if a home run landed on one of the flavors


And Soto hit it clear over them. They should still do that promotion though. And that ad is the most effective ad I've ever seen at a stadium, been looking for those things everywhere.


PS: Seth Romero got into today's game just minutes after I suggested this is where the season turns around. He went 1.2 innings with 4 Ks. Suck it. (And gave up 4 ERs, but that's neither here nor there).