John Wall's Left Wrist Is Juuuuuuust A Bit Swollen

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 3.39.05 PM

via @jmichaelcsn


Yikes. Look at the size of that thing. That thing swelled up like a freshman’s dick walking into his first homecoming dance. But that’s why you have two wrists. If you think that’ll stop John Wall from playing you obviously don’t know John Wall. He’d play with both of his wrists the size of tree trunks. And Bradley Beal too. He’s limping around but will still drop 20 tonight. And the good news is if their injuries act up or if the game gets out of hand early, they have off until Saturday because the NBA playoffs schedule is set up to take as long as humanly possible.


PS: Inching our way closer and closer.