Did The '80s Islanders Fuck? Yes, The '80s Islanders Fucked

Holy shit. This "Mr. Islander" contest is like the SLAP SHOT fashion show scene come to life but dripping way more sex. 

I mean, Bobby Nystrom in nut-huggers and fur coat unveiling his physique as Miss America squirms in her seat.

Clark Gillies looking like everybody's favorite shady, aggressive uncle from that era.

Butch Goring or Mick Jagger? You decide.

John Tonelli gettin' his Elvis on and, considering it was the early '80s, lots of the Isles were probably gettin' their Elvis on. And judging by THE REIGNING MISS USA's glowing post-show reaction, Elvis might've found his Priscilla that night. 

I could watch '70s and '80s clips all fucking day. Awful hair, worse clothes, and nobody giving two fucks because that was the way of the world back then.