Japan is Opening a Museum Where You Can Zip Line Into Godzilla's Gigantic Mouth And It's Now The Greatest Thing On Planet Earth

Without hyperbole or exaggeration I can confidently say this Godzilla museum where you zip line into his fucking GIGANTIC MOUTH is the coolest thing currently on Planet Earth. It almost seems too awesome to believe. As far as I'm concerned this is a new wonder of the world. Better yet, I think it's now THE wonder of the world. Nothing else holds a candle to it. 

I refuse to leave this planet and move onto the afterlife without going to Japan and doing this. This is my only bucket list item. I have never really had any particular interest in leaving the United States and going to another continent, but my hands are tied here. I must go to Japan and do this. I've never zip lined before and I imagine it's completely utterly terrifying, but I'll brave my fears to get this done. 

I love how the world is going through a global pandemic with possibly a recession on the way, yet here is Japan opening up a humongous Godzilla museum in everyone's face. Power move like you read about. 65 feet high, 82 feet wide and 180 feet long. Simply incredible. 

The attraction will involve participants role-playing as members of the National Awaji-Island Institute of Godzilla Disaster to take on the dangerous task of using a zip line to examine Godzilla’s large gaping jaw, a shooting game in which they must destroy Godzilla’s unique cells, and other related missions. -Source

A shooting game too where I get to destroy Godzilla's cells? HOLY SHIT I am all the way in. I read it costs only $13 for an adult ticket. I'd pay $1000 without even hesitating. The United States' big attraction is four dudes carved into a giant rock meanwhile Japan has a life size Godzilla replica that you can zip line into. We need to be better as a country. 

My one issue here is they chose the wrong Godzilla. I understand it's my American way of thinking, but going with Shin Godzilla (Japan's version) over the current American version is just a mistake. The one we have now is perfect. This is the mouth I want to be zip lining into and potentially plummeting to my death in. 

If there's a good way to go out it's having my zip line break as I fall hundreds of feet and get impaled by one of Godzilla's teeth. Sign me up.