People Forget Ryan Whitney Once Played 50+ Minutes In A Stanley Cup Final Game

Seth Jones is the talk of the town right now. For those who don't know, Jones time on ice in his team's 5OT loss to the Lightning Tuesday night was 65:07. That is over an hour of being on the ice. Thats fucking insane, just an absurd number of minutes to play in a playoff hockey game. But, let us not forget that former United States Olympian and Spittin' Chiclets very own Ryan Whitney played 50 minutes in a Stanley Cup Final game against the Detroit Red Wings. Five more minutes than Hall of Famer Nik Lidstrom who played around 45:00. The best part? The Whit Dog was sucking down cheese slices in between periods. Not a protein shake in sight, strictly pepperoni and cheese slices to get the boys going.