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Guy Asks if He's an Asshole for Naming His Daughter 'Captain Phasma,' is Surprised When the Answer is a Resounding YES

Reddit - AITA for wanting to name my daughter after a Star Wars character?

Throwaway, of course, since we are 99% set on the name and don’t need my child’s name tied to my Reddit history.

My wife and I are huge fans of the Star Wars movies. Huge. We met while camping out for the premiere of The Force Awakens. Our spark was instant, and just a year later, I proposed with a ring hanging from the arm of a Rey Funko figure and she said yes.

Everything about us is Star Wars, and I mean everything from what we watch, to what we play, to our home decor. Our friends think we are a bit nutty but have always respected it until my wife got pregnant and we shared the name we wanted when we found out we are having a girl.

Captain-Phasma. The whole name, like Mary-Kate.

She’s due in 6 weeks, and once we announced the name on a Zoom meeting with our family and closest friends, they went from being happy and excited to appalled. They think we are messing up the child for this.

My wife and I were both bullied as kids, including myself for having a name associated with a girl (example: Jordan), and we think a strong name would make other kids in awe of our daughter. Especially once you have the tie-in to Gwendolyn Christie, who is basically a warrior. Our daughter should be both respected and feared.

My parents are begging us to consider naming our girl Gwendolyn or Brienne even (for Christie’s Game of Thrones character). Honestly it’s a sore point with my wife and me because she watched the show behind my back, and it bothers me. And my parents know this. So I definitely would not consent to naming her Brienne, even though I respect Christie and her talents in the clips I’ve seen.

So AITA (or are we the asshole) for wanting to name our daughter after a strong female character from our favorite movies? I feel like between Star Wars being where we got our start and our lives basically that it shouldn’t be so bad.

Edit: I thought reactions would be mixed, but am surprised at how negative it is, especially with the reasons for her name. We have some time to think this more through at least. And my wife is open to opening C-P’s name with a more normal sounding first name.

Edit 2: definitely considering other names now, but still Star Wars related. Thank you. Also, I see a lot do not like the character Captain Phasma at all...I disagree wholeheartedly with that but to each his own.

I have so, so many thoughts. 

First of all, this is Captain Phasma. In the few minutes of screen time she got in the gawdawful "Episode 8: The Last Jedi" before Rian Johnson bumped her off so she wouldn't get too interesting:

Next, I have no issue with couples who have some Sci-Fi property as an important part of their relationship. None whatsoever. I've been married for 26 years to someone who likes most of the same intellectual properties I do. One of her girlfriend's had a wedding with some 'Star Wars' themes to it. In fact, the happy couple did me the honor of letting me emcee it and I did The First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians ("Love is never boastful") entirely in Yoda and Obi Wan quotes about the Force. True story. And theirs is not the first 'Star Wars' I've ever heard of. Some have been done in full costume. So I'm no stranger to that subculture at all. 

That said, my favorite part of this is the father-to-be's total shock at the reaction he got. Like he just assumes the families and the internet would have no problem grasping the logic of it. Oh, you were bullied as kids? I can't imagine why. Sending your daughter off to school with the name Captain Phasma will stop her from suffering the same fate, for sure. It's like chrome Stormtrooper armor from kids judging you and being mean to you. And besides, if he likes the actress who played her, it's not like he can settle for her perfectly normal name. Or for her "Game of Thrones" character's name. Because the expectant mom watched it behind his back. And you can't ask a man to relive that painful memory every time he hears his daughter's name. It's still too raw.

Mostly, this is a manchild who needs to be reminded this isn't a Funko Pop his wife is giving birth to. He's not naming a band or his car or his wife's sex toy (though Captain Phasma would work perfect well). This is a future human being. Someone who's name is going to be read by teachers taking attendance. College admissions offices. Potential employers. Possible love interests. Naming her after an obscure Sci-Fi character with a military title before the hyphen is like lining her up at the starting line of life's great race with a giant, nerdy, grand piano strapped to her back. Yes, kids "will be in awe" of the piano. But not for the reasons you think. And I can promise you that the name Captain Phasma will never appear on any friends list, party invitation, Valentine or promposal for as long as she lives. But it will appear on a LOT of psych evaluations.


P.S. To this dad, on behalf of the human race, please get yourself fixed and stop peeing in our gene pool.