I Know Lebron Is Upset He Can't Use Social Media After Last Night's Loss So I'm Going To Help Him Out

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Look if I know one thing about Lebron it’s that he loves nothing more than to take to social media after a tough loss and remind everyone that he is going to get #BackInTheLab and #StriveForGreatness. Only problem is that he has banned himself from using all electronics during the playoffs, except when he uses his wife’s phone to call CP3 and hang up, so where does that leave us? That leaves us with a huge gaping hole in the internet where some fake motivation should be. Lebron just sitting at home right now DYING to let the world know he’s going to come back twice as strong tomorrow. So don’t worry Bron, every time you lose to the Bulls I’ll get your back and make sure you get your words out to the world. Whatever I think you’re thinking, that’s what we’ll go with. You’re Welcome, your friend, Big Cat.


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