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Barstool Foam Is Going On Spring Break And You Would Be An Absolute Moron To Miss It

Do you know what I did this morning? I woke up. I walked my dog. I took a shower, got soap in my dickhole, turned on my computer and realized its only Thursday and I’m no longer in College.
People have regrets in life. Do you know what no one will ever regret? Going on Spring Break with a bunch of your best friends, smashing random V, and going to Barstool Fcking Foam at Panama Beach. If I was still in College this is the ONLY Place I would go for Spring Break. And if you disagree you’ll probably die alone after a sad and pathetic life.
Everyone keeps talking about the East Coast schools partying it up for this. They’ll feel pretty silly when Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio State come marching in. The Midwest needs to invade Panama City and show all those prep schoolers how a real state school gets down.

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