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Watch At Your Own Risk: Jordan Spieth Stands Over A Ball For 20 Seconds Before Swinging

Well damn. That was hard to watch. Jordan Spieth is really going through it right now and has been going through for awhile at this point and hopefully he figures it out soon. He stood over that ball for what felt like an eternity. At one point it was going on for so long that I thought he might've dozed off up there. That's a guy who has a billion thoughts going through his head as he stands over the ball. It sounds weird to say but it's incredible that things like this can happen to a guy like Spieth. This is a guy who was a few lucky bounces away from winning all 4 majors in 2015 and now sometimes it seems like he forgets how to swing a golf club. It's incredible and I don't mean incredible in the positive way.

This was the scene at the PGA Championship recently with Spieth

Never a great sign when you're sitting down at a major championship trying to hash out what the fuck is going on with your swing. We all hope Spieth returns to form. Literally everyone is rooting for Jordan Spieth to turn back into 2015 Jordan Spieth. Golf is better when he's at his best, that's just a fact. At the end of the day Spieth is just 27 years old and has tons of time to figure it out and I think he will. It's just tough right now.