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US Senators Are Introducing An 'Athletes Bill Of Rights' To Guarantee Monetary Compensation, Lifetime Scholarships And BRINGING BACK NCAA VIDEO GAMES

[Source] - A group of U.S. senators plans to introduce in Congress “a college athletes bill of rights” seeking to guarantee NCAA players monetary compensation, long-term healthcare, lifetime educational scholarships and more eligibility freedoms.

• The proposal expands on the ways in which a college player can earn money, expanding well beyond NIL. Athletes would be allowed to enter group licensing deals, such as apparel clothing lines or the NCAA video game, and they could enter revenue-sharing agreements with athletic associations, conferences and their own schools. The NCAA and Power 5, strongly opposed to such freedoms, have restricted athletes from all of the above in its NIL proposed drafts—both of which SI has obtained.

• The legislation also calls for banning all restrictions and penalties attached to athletes’ school choice, from originally signing with a program to transferring among them. This could create what many college coaches and administrators would describe as “free agency.” Under current rules, players are bound to a school by signing a National Letter of Intent, and they must miss a year of eligibility when transferring to another program within FBS. However, that transfer rule is expected in January to be amended to allow players to transfer once without penalty.

Hell yeah, this is what I'm talking about. These are all things that everyone with a brain has basically been screaming about for years now because 1) it makes sense and 2) WE NEED THIS NOW. We'll get to the common sense part here in a second, but first lets talk about why we need it now. The reason people believe you can't just do a bubble for college football/basketball for the entire season is because of amateurism rules. How can you force kids who are 'student-athletes' to go there for months, etc. Well, this would change that. This would change everything we think and know about amateurism and you can immediately start to discuss a bubble because of it. I know people in the NCAA hate the idea of kids making money, but ironically it's also how you could save college sports right now. 

Oh and we can't gloss over the major thing for us here. NCAA FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL VIDEO GAMES COMING BACK. Any person in the government that says no to this bill simply hates fun. They need to be kicked out of government. Who doesn't want to play NCAA video games? They are the best, just ask Coach Duggs. That barely needs to be said, but still worth saying. Give us back our video games, damnit! Signed, a 33-year old father. 

Now back to the common sense part. Getting rid of LOI's (national letters of intent) is not that outrageous. We've seen more and more big names refuse to sign the LOI so they aren't locked into the college. I've never really cared about that or the thought of 'free agency.' If someone blows up late or from a low-major, why not give them the chance to better their life and potential career of transferring to a major program? Isn't that what college is all about - setting yourself up as well as possible for your career? Why do we limit it in sports. Hell, not even every sport has a sit out rule for transfers. I have zero problem with this. 

I do want to know more about the monetary compensation. I've said it before, but schools shouldn't have to pay more than the scholarship. I'm 100% cool with that being the payment from the school. My problem is that being the limit of what these kids can make. Let the free market dictate what they are worth. If a local company wants to pay the starting quarterback $15,000 for an ad deal, let them. Who cares? It's not going to change recruiting. You may not know this, but the best recruits already go to the best programs. 

But the reason I love this the most outside of video games? The big fuck you to the NCAA: 

The sweeping proposal comes during a year in which college leaders are pleading for help from lawmakers to craft NCAA-friendly legislation on name, image and likeness (NIL), wanting a federal bill to preempt a bevy of differing NIL state laws. In response to the NCAA’s requests, some Congressional members have demands of their own. They want reform beyond NIL.

“For them to get the cooperation from us, they’re going to have to change some of their practices,” says Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), a sponsor of the bill. “The NCAA feels urgency and needs to get federal cooperation. I’m going to make sure that we also are able to change NCAA practices that undermine the students’ education, well-being and basic first amendment rights.”

One of the things the bill will require is more transparency from schools and the athletic departments in public reporting of revenue and expenses. NCAA is out here begging to prevent things like this from happening so they say fuck you, we'll help you but not without you making changes. I love it. The NCAA needs to be overhauled so badly, this is a step.