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President Trump Lit The Entire Internet On Fire Last Night

I got a text last night around 9pm after wrapping up a 2 hour cardio workout, consuming a kale smoothie for dinner and donating to various charities around the globe. It read, "did you see President Trump's tweet?" I was going to blog it immediately, but I was too busy getting an ab workout from laughing so hard. 

Now we're all used to his shenanigans on the Twittersphere these days, so I knew I was about to tune into something good, but also knew that with the election looming he'd also be turning it up a notch. I don't care how you vote, which way you lean, or what your political views are... funny is funny. And this tweet, coming from the leader of the Free World was laugh out loud funny. 

For a split second once I heard Eddy Grant playing I thought that our President was announcing a collaboration with PMT but nope, it was just some really shitilly made computerized cartoon train that anyone who's spent a few hours fucking around in whatever Adobe animation software could whip up. Just incredible. And it was sent to 85MM people! 


Laugh out loud funny. It's ABSOLUTELY worth texting to people, "did you see this tweet?" and if you don't think so, you've got a massive pile of shit in your pants right now. Now, if you will, please proceed to have some rational and heated political debates in the comment section. I'll continue to laugh at the sheer funniness at the tweet. 

Thank you