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Wake Up With Fernando Tatis Jr's Father Hitting 2 Grand Slams In One Inning

Decent bloodline in the Tatis family, eh? Tatis is probably the best player in baseball right now who doesn't have a fish in his name. Absolutely smoking the ball for the super exciting Padres, def my fav team to watch on the West Coast. Tatis Jr was only a couple months old when his papa smoked 2 grand slams in the same inning. He's the only player in MLB History to achieve this feat, and theres a legit shot we'll never see this happen again. Pitchers would rather plunk a guy with the bases loaded if he comes up again. Although the way Tatis Jr is playing I wouldn't put it past him to tie his dad with this record. Great call by the announcer too, and shout out Joe Buck for being in the booth for that one. How about Chan Ho Park being allowed to stay in the inning and face Tatis with he bases loaded again? Guess you gotta let your guy get himself out of it.