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In Case There Was Ever Any Doubt, Carey Price Is Out Of His Mind And Makes The Most Preposterous Save You'll See All Playoffs

Jesus christ, dude. I mean...what even is there left to say?

From his stomach. Scott Laughton tees up like he's trying to blast this clapper roughly 150 mph. Carey Price reaches out with his stick and not only makes one of the best saves you'll see all season, but he might have also saved Suzuki's life here. If Price doesn't get his stick on that puck, that's a dome shot and probable death. 

And to add insult to injury, the Canadiens tied the game up on the powerplay like 90 seconds after this save. The good news, however, is that the Philadelphia Flyers are certified shit kickers and got the lead right back because that's what they do. They live to rip the hearts out of their opponents. So just as the Habs were feeling good about themselves, it was the Pride of Cicero with a beautiful deflection to stuffing home his own rebound. 

What a wild period.