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Correction: Juan Soto Did NOT Hit The Ball To LaGuardia, As That Would Be Geographically Impossible


I have made a mistake. If only there was an editor to read the blog before I hit publish, am I right? So I would like to issue a correction:




Incredible. Bryant is here for 2 things and 2 things only: the Boston Red Sox and checking locations, and he's alllll out of Red Sox. In a funny way I do appreciate that Bryant saw my tweet and was like "oh, ABSOLUTELY NOT! NAHH-UHHH. NOT ON MY WATCH, SISTER". He was like "finally, the thing I care more about in the world, fucking geography of airports in relation to baseball stadiums". 



We all learned something tonight. I tip my cap to you, Bryant. And I will never make that mistake again. Namaste.


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