My Heavens: Juan Soto Just Hit A Ball Out Of The Stadium, Onto The Tarmac At LaGuardia


Holy FUCK. My question is how did they measure that at 466 when it hasn't even stopped rolling yet? I'm pretty sure flights at LGA are delayed right now because an unidentified object is bouncing down the tarmac. That object is a baseball that Juan Soto just pulverized like Chaps' vas deferens. I just cannot believe how far Soto is mashing baseballs right now. He couldn't believe it either, looking back like "did I really just do that?".



At 21 years old, no less!

And in case you missed his moon shot from Monday, 



Kid is bananas. The fact he missed the first week of the season is a Bagwell-esque federal crime. Glad he's making up for it now though, just a delight to watch play night in and night out. Give him a lifetime deal right now, Nats.