Randy Gregory Fell In The Draft Cause Teams Think He Has "Mental Health Issues"...Naturally He Immediately Gets A Huge Cowboys Star Tattoo

I’m sure he’s not gonna regret this one. Sweet permanent mark for something that may not be so everlasting, Randy. If anything the Cowboys should be scared shitless by this play. It’s basically the GF who proclaims they love you on social media within weeks of dating. It shows as much loyalty as it does lunacy. Jerry Jones is going to have his windows on his car tinted with that annoying AF Happy Birthday chalk and streamers. Then when he cuts Gregory the same vehicle will have its tires slashed with a steaming pile of heat dropped through the sunroof. Run away while you can, Boys. Run away.

In all seriousness this cat will be the steal of the draft if he gets his shit together. The guy is a certified beast of a pass rusher. Anyone who gets caught with dank in their system when they know 100% they’re going to be tested that same week at the combine is a fucking careless idiot. The least you can do is flush that shit out, man.

h/t MLD