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Longtime Toolies: Toolie Tuesday Recap Week 1

Every Tuesday on the Longtime Toolies social channels we gonna be doing a little something called Toolie Tuesday. All the Toolies send us the projects they've completed and we post them up even if it makes me look like an untalented piece of shit. Here’s a little recap of the shit all the Toolies are up to, and friends, it is fucking impressive.

First up is from @j.him_woodworking. What this fella does with tools and wood is nothing short of a miracle. Just look at the fucking desk. There is definitely a clue leading to a huge national treasure in there. Resolute desk 2 imo. 

These cutting boards with epoxy always fuck me up. This looks like a satellite image of the Mississippi Delta, not a high-end cutting surface to prepare your meats and cheeses for Dave Portnoy's shartootery board.

Toolie @pzarella took this boring basement and turned it into the envy of all the dads in the neighborhood. How do you even look at that spot and be like, "Yeah I'm gonna build a fucking badass bar right here." Wild.

I'm a sucker for a clean shop. It makes me just want to get work. This setup from Baba Ganoush is so smooth, I could just stand there for hours opening drawers and taking tools off the hooks to avoid my children amidst this never-ending quarantine.

Making a regular shaped table is hard enough, but then you want to carve a coastal state like NC into one? Fuck outta here. I could probably build a Colorado shaped table though. I dare someone to make a cutting board that looks like Dan Crenshaw’s congressional districts. 

This is just so beautiful and to think somebody built this by hand is incredible. The years it would take to reach this point of craftsmanship is inconceivable to me at this point. 

We got so many submissions and there are still so many on our Twitter and Instagram I didn't put in the blog. Already can't wait for next week to see what the Toolies have been up to.

Oh, what's that? What have I been up to? Glad you asked, friend. I have a new video of my DIY goofin every Monday and Friday. In the last one I tried to build an outdoor BBQ area in August in Texas, which makes me an idiot. You can watch that below. Follow us on our Twitter and Instagram so you don't miss Toolie Tuesdays and all the the other DIY content we are putting out.