Checking In On Alex Jones

Well, hopefully, this puts a smile on your face. In a world full of the "new normal," Alex Jones is out here being his old self...nature is healing.

This happened in Austin, Texas, which is where I believe Alex Jones lives and broadcasts with InfoWars from. It appears he is yelling at a bunch of random lifeguards that are working as park monitors. I guess Alex Jones wife went to the park earlier today and was told "when is your reservation." I assume that is being done for COVID purposes. Alex Jones is NOT a fan of this, as the park is public land, and the fact he is being asked to book a reservation is messing with his FREEDOM.

I agree with Alex Jones that reservations for a public park is bananas, however, yelling at these random kids, probably getting paid minimum wage? It's peak Alex Jones, because it's truly absurd. The best part of the video is when he pulls out his mini megaphone:

It looks like something you'd get in your McDonald's happy meal.