Remember Dickie V's Scoop About Xavier Tillman Returning To MSU? Whoops! Yeah, That Influenced Tillman To Stay In The NBA Draft

Oh no. Oh no, Dickie Scoops got got. Remember Dickie V hopped on Twitter and said he had sources saying that Xavier Tillman was coming back to college. He was pretty definite about it. Right after that Tillman hopped on Instagram and posted something along the lines of 'sources?' 

Fast forward to today and Tillman talking to media. Whoops! Dickie V's report immediately led to an NBA team calling him asking why the hell they didn't know he was pulling out of the Draft. Note, this is normal. Teams are talking to players all the time, gauging interest, planning their big boards and just gathering intel. That's completely normal. But the image of this front office/scout having to call Tillman and start it with 'okay, so we saw Dickie V on Twitter' is downright hilarious. 

I said it before, but it makes complete sense for Tillman to leave MSU. He just needed a few classes this summer to graduate on top of being married with two kids. He's projected to go late first round to early second round. There really wasn't much he could do to improve his draft stock. He was always going to be a late first round pick kinda guy.  Throw in the fact we don't even know if there's going to be a college hoops season, it makes even more sense for someone like Tillman to leave. It sure seems like there will be an NBA season - bubble or not. Get your money from ads, agents and whatever contract you sign. 

Now I'm just wondering if Dickie V controls all of basketball. Is he the most powerful man in the game? His Twitter, mostly made up of him jumping in pools, sideways videos and random dinner videos now has front office people shaking in their boots.