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CALL TO ACTION: Unfortunately The Coronavirus Has Hurt Charities Big Time Too, So Check Out This Charity Concert On 9/6

Last night, Just Live, Inc. reached out to me and asked me to help spread the word on their virtual concert that will be taking place on September 6th of this year. After I did a little digging, I couldn't have said yes faster. Just Live has raised over $1,000,000 in the last decade and have worked directly with the following organizations: 

- Center For Suicide Awareness
- Marquette University College of Health Sciences for Neuroscience Research
- Carthage College Counseling Center
- Rogers Memorial Behavioral Health

and many, MANY more. 

Their mission is simple: to provide suicide prevention education to our community, financial support to related supportive organizations, and emotional support to anyone affected by suicide, depression and mental illness, so that others may Just Live more positively.

We all have experienced shit times in our lives and have been down on ourselves, and are close with others who have been depressed, suicidal or even succumbed to depression and committed suicide themselves. It's an unfortunate part of the world we live in, and more than likely is getting worse with the pandemic right now.

And that pandemic is hurting organizations aimed at preventing depression and suicide as much as possible. It really sucks, and it is our job as Stoolies to band together and help those in need. Stoolies always rise to the occasion when charities need help. 


Let's raise a FUCK TON of money for this charity.

Who: you the Stoolie donating to THIS Go Fund Me
What: Charity concert featuring midwest bands and acts like Georgia Rae Family Band, Jenna and Martin, Good Morning Bedlam, and Them Coulee Boys
When: Sunday, September 6th
Why: to raise money for suicide and depression prevention. They raised $90,000 with their concert last summer and unfortunately have to ear mark $30,000 as their goal for this year. WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN.
Where: your computer via these links: 


And here is the link to their GoFundMe: 

and here is the link to their website, which explains their full mission and how they operate:

Let's blow this thing up!