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Meanwhile, Jerry Jones Said The Complete Opposite And Is Making Dan Snyder Look Logical and Smart


Earlier today, Dan Snyder said this:


WFT - "We are fortunate to host the best fans in the NFL year after year, but the well-being of those supporters, along with that of our players, coaches and each and every member of our gameday staff is simply too important, and the current knowledge of COVID-19 too unpredictable, to welcome our fan base to FedExField to start the season," said Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder.

And then, not an hour or so later, Jerry Jones said this!



Is…is Dan Snyder making sense for once???? Am I siding with lil Dan Dan?!?! I mean I guess it's not hard to when the other side of the coin is Jerry Jones, but STILL. Who woulda thought Dan Snyder would release a very compassionate, thought-out statement about caring about the health and well-being of others, and then Jerry would be like "nah fuck that, we're going to have 90,000 people in Jerry World this fall". 

Now, I don't think it's Jerry's decision…I think? I actually don't know if that's true or not, if the state/county/city/Goodell has precedent over Jerry on fans/capacity for games. Will some stadiums like the Skins and Raiders be completely empty, while others like the Cowboys have fans? That'd be interesting. 

And then, one more point- do people realize the fucking St. Louis Cardinals have played FIVE GAMES TOTAL THIS YEAR????



Look at the Reds- 17 games played. Cardinals, 5!!!! It's lunacy. The amount that difference changes the entire dynamic of the season. So holy shit, let us pray to every god in the universe that the NFL does not butcher this. And then there are always the weird possibilities that we will see some mid-week games, some games where starting QBs have to sit out, where entire Olines will be infected, etc. If boring ass baseball players can't stop themselves from going to the casino, we expect football players with double the roster and staff sizes to adhere to all the guidelines? Without a bubble, we are playing with fire.