Big 12 Releases 2020 Football Schedule to Give Us New Hope

What an odd time in college football. Less than 24 hours after the Big Ten and Pac-12 canceled their fall football seasons, the Big 12 released its schedule. In addition to the nine conference opponents listed, the Big 12 reportedly plans to open its season with each team playing one non-conference game.

For now, college football remains on life support as there is still three of the Power Five conferences committed to playing, with the Big 12 being the deciding league — the ACC and SEC had wanted to play, but needed the Big 12 to avoid being outnumbered.

After all seemed lost, it's nice to see the Big 12 putting a schedule out for what it at least plans on its season looking like. However, the Big Ten released a schedule less than a week before it pulled the plug on the season, so it might not really mean all that much. The SEC is the last conference yet to put out its schedule, though it has determined each team's 10 opponents.

At least for now, we still have hope of a college football season in 2020. I am back in on putting positive vibes into the universe.