We Need To Talk About The Free Twitter Clinic That Mike Milbury Put On Last Night After That Wild 5OT Game

One of the quickest and most effective ways to get everybody to hate your guts is to suggest bringing a change to playoff hockey overtime. You mention going to 3v3 OT in the playoffs and all of a sudden you're worse than Hitler. Okay maybe not actually worse than Hitler but you get the point. As soon as you say you say you don't want a playoff hockey game to go through as many 5v5 overtime periods as possible, you immediately become public enemy #1. Mike Milbury made that suggestion yesterday during game 1 of the Lightning vs Blue Jackets series, and it's a suggestion he's been pretty consistent with for a couple of years now. 

Mostly I think this dude just hates watching the Blue Jackets play hockey more than he actually hates 5v5 playoff overtime. But either way, if it ain't broke then don't fix it. And nothing in the world is less broke than playoff hockey. 

But that's Mike Milbury's job. He's Skip Bayless for hockey. He's Stick Bayless. His entire purpose is to just say a bunch of nonsense that'll rile everybody up, rinse & repeat. Don't get me wrong, I think the man is legitimately an idiot so I don't think he's playing a character here. But he's a character nevertheless. He may not have character but he is one, that sort of thing. 

Anyway, Mike Milbury wasn't going to let the haters take away from "another worldly" night. So he decided to log on to Twitter [dot] com and teach all you rascals a thing or two about how to crush social media so hard it is like you're beating it with a shoe. 

First of all, I'll give Milbury the pass here on "another worldly" for a couple of reasons. A) He either just fat fingered the keyboard and that's what spellcheck came up with for him. Or B) he speaks into his phone to tweet and Siri heard "an otherworldly night" as "another worldly night". So I won't give him full blame there. 

Moving on. That's…well that's simply just not the Space Needle. It's close. It's really really close. It's the metric system version of the Space Needle, which is the CN Tower. The Space Needle just happens to be 3,954.3 km away. But with the quality of that picture, you'd honestly never be able to know it's not actually the Space Needle. I mean did Milbury have a seizure when he snapped this pic? Was he running at a full sprint to get back inside the bubble? Does he have a Motorola Razr? We need answers here. 

The "God bless both teams" here also gets me. Now maybe that's just because I'm not a religious person in the slightest. But even if I was, I don't know if god would be the first guy I'd give props to for that game. Especially considering a guy like Seth Jones is actually a machine so he's made by man. But it's just the perfect addition to this perfect Milbury tweet. 

And then, of course, he doubles down with the take to eventually move playoff overtime to 3v3. But that's just Milbury pulling the puppet strings here. He knows that take is going to do numbers on the ol' interwebs and he lets the stats do the talking for him. 1.9K retweets, 1.5K likes. The man just wanted to go viral real quick, shot his shot and it was an absolute snipe.