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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reenacts A Bunch Of His Movies In 6 Min And I Think He's Officially Mailing It In

Make no mistake about it – I’m watching anything with Arnold. Pumping Iron, The Terminators, Jingle All The Way. All classics. I discovered his personal YouTube channel where he basically repeats old one liners, flexes his shit or has cigars be flown in from remote control helicopter and I didn’t question myself until 2 hours later. Hell, I was even one of the dozens of people who watched Escape Plan for some reason (still wasn’t THAT bad of a flick). But I don’t know about this little song and dance here with James Corden. It just feels…forced. Tom Hanks did this same thing a couple weeks back and it was boss. I’m just hoping Arnold’s sauced up tank isn’t on E.

Here’s to a couple more decades of nothing but net.