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Stephen A. Hopped On TV And Started Screaming About The Need For Conjugal Visits To Happen In The NBA Bubble

This is just perfection. This is what I want. We have two days in a row of Stephen A. being horny on TV. I'm still laughing at Jeff Passan looking like a kid having to watch a sex scene with his parents when Stephen A. started yelling about sex yesterday: 

I'm opposite of Stephen A. here though. I've said it before, but I want these guys to not get laid. I want the fighting. I want the hard fouls. You're telling me that Giannis - a man with a blowjob bell - isn't all pent up and doing things like this: 

A conjugal visit and that man is happy go lucky again. No one wants that. I want to see Giannis threatening to fuck people up and headbutting them like he's Zinedine Zidane. Imagine Game 7, Eastern Conference Finals and he's just all pent up from having no visit and just is attacking let's say Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet. I'd sign up for that. 

Now this obviously ties back to the no Instagram models rule: 

He has a point. Some of these dudes don't have a girlfriend or wife and need the conjugal visit. This is just why we need the Real World cameras. I need to see these guys come up with stories of who they've met to get into the bubble. I need the Bachelor type feel of these Instagram models making their pitch to be invited. I want to watch it all because what the hell else is on in the morning? 

Stephen A. - a fan of the people. A fan of sex. Never forget he addressed his own horniness