Wake Up With A Look At The New $5B So-Fi Stadium In Los Angeles

I don't know why exactly, but I LOVE stadium construction videos. I blogged about the new Raiders stadium in Vegas too. I feel like we've been hearing about So-Fi stadium for YEARS since media members always tweet about it when they fly over from LAX. Well I never knew that this stadium was built into the ground specifically because of LAX flight patterns. Now with Hard Knocks featuring the Rams and Chargers it feels like a good time to post this video.

There's so many cool facts about this place. Biggest stadium in the league by area. In total it's over 968,000 sq ft. And somehow has the ability to fluctuate in capacity from 70,000 to 100,000. Most expensive stadium ever built at $5B. And now...it'll be empty. That's two absolutely spectacular stadiums built to house three iconic NFL franchises from the West Coast and NOBODY will get to enjoy it because of god damn coronavirus. I mean what is even the point of a giant mega pixel screen that basically surrounds the entire stadium if there are no fans to watch it. Anyways, still a sweet construction project and an unreal stadium. Pray that Putin's vaccine gets back to stadiums in 2021.