Full Pedro Interview With Mike Francesa

If you didnt get a chance to watch/listen to the Greatest of All Time interview the Greatest of All Time, here’s yesterday’s Pedro/Francesa sit down in its entirety. Its long – 45 minutes long. Mainly because Francesa kept blowing off Pedro’s people saying “just a couple moah minutes.” Basically waved them off like callers the entire time. Its truly a fantastic interview. If you’re a Sox fan, a Mets fan, just a baseball fan, or a fan of greatness, this interview is the tops. The highlights include:

How Sandy Koufax taught him how to hook the rubber
Pedro’s biggest regret of his career? Beating up Don Zimmer
He absolutely hates Jorge Posada
Boston waited too long to offer him a 3rd year, there was only a couple hours left in the deadline that had been set and he already had committed to the Mets
In regards to yesterday’s story about the Wilpon’s making him pitch injured – he said Jeff Wilpon flat out told him “This is why we paid you” and made him go out there
The day he struck out 17 Yankees he was very cranky. Skipped his pregame pitchers meeting and his pitching coach was furious with him and told him “Well you better find a way to get Jeter out, he owns you.”
Who he plunked intentionally and who he didnt

Its really just A+ stuff all around. Pedro one of the most fascinating, honest athletes ever. Francesa always raises his game for the big time guests in studio. The perfect combo for a classic sit down. The only question is, who did it better? Me or Mike?

PS – Pedro’s new book officially out today.

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