An Emotional Zach Johnson Gets Surprised With The Payne Stewart Award On A Conference Call

Imagine not liking that guy. Imagine that. What a great guy doing great things out of the goodness of his heart. I bet Frankie and Riggs are pretty quiet today. Those guys talk shit about everything Zach Johnson does so it begs the question, do Frankie and Riggs hate charity? Do they hate honor and integrity and giving back to the community? Some are saying they do. I can't confirm that they do but their silence on the matter speaks volumes.

Seriously though, congratulations to Zach Johnson. It's well deserved. As a guy who is also from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I can tell you first hand that ZJ has been doing charity work for as long as I can remember. He is beloved in that part of the world for everything he's done on and off the golf course. The annual (up until COVID, of course) Zach Johnson Foundation Classic is held at a golf course right by where I grew up and it's a big deal every year. And you can tell just how much the Payne Stewart Award means to ZJ. Dude got emotional as soon as he realized it wasn't just a regular conference call. He turned into a puddle as soon as he saw Payne Stewart's kids. That's a guy who actually cares. So keep ignoring the h8ers and losers (Frankie and Riggs) and keeping doing great things, Zach.