The NBA is Implementing A Strict 'No Instagram Models Rule' For The Bubble When Guests Are Allowed To Come For The Playoffs

Without hesitation I can confidently say this is the greatest memo quote of all time. Someone within the NBA front office had to sit there and go 'guys, we need clarify one thing and one thing specifically. No Instagram models.' Remember, this is how we started bubble life: 

This is really going to hurt a lot of guys. There's no doubt and I mean no doubt some of the dudes there had already done research in the Orlando and surrounding area. Finding chicks on Instagram, Twitter, strip clubs, etc. Here they were thinking they were set up for the perfect invite to the bubble once guests are allowed to come. But noooo, not they have to 'know' someone. That said, congrats to those models that are being upgraded to a 'longstanding personal friend.' 

This is where I need to know the betting advantage. Right away I'm inclined to say this is going to hurt James Harden. Gotta worry about the Rockets in this first round now. But the real story is how is the NBA going to trace how long someone knows someone? Are there interviews? Are they going to track social media? Feel like this will really test the marketing and PR companies each player has. They gotta do Photoshops and spin a story to get each side piece or fuck buddy or whoever they pick into the bubble. It's important to team success! 

Live look at all the models trying to get the invite though: 

PS: Feel like we're going to get a handful of blogs like this now

I fucking love bubble life. 

PPS: Woj ending his tweet string with this is by far the best part

Final PS: I know you're looking for pictures, so here are some IGs from our search with 'Instagram, Model and NBA'