It's Impossible To Say A Bad Thing About Damian Lillard Dropping 61 And Hitting Every Massive Shot Last Night ... Well, Unless You're Skip Bayless

Do you think Skip ever gets tired of dishing out HOT take after hot take? The answer is no, because the man is a content genius. This is his game and everyone always falls into it. He picks an athlete and just attacks them ruthlessly for weeks, months and even years. He wants them to respond, invites them to a debate and circle the repeat. Does he get tired of it? NOPE. You'd think that Damian Lillard struggled last night. Perhaps you thought the Blazers lost. Perhaps you thought he was lifted by CJ or Melo or someone else. 

Oh wait: 


It was legit one of the best individual games I can remember. 61 on 32 shots. Perfect from the FT line. Just 3 turnovers while playing 41 minutes. Oh and needing to win to keep up with the playoff race. Oh, also on a night with CJ McCollum couldn't do anything. Pretty fucking good! 

Those are just a collection of quick facts about the game and Damian Lillard. Please do not let Skip Bayless know that, nor act like he'd even care. Around and around we go.