Paul George And Damian Lillard Apologized For Fighting And Getting Families Involved Because We Can't Have Any Damn Hate In The NBA

Goddamnit. Why do we have to have apologies for everything? This was the one time I thought we were going to get true hate in the NBA again. There's a bit of history with Dame and Paul George. Remember this? 

That led to Paul George leaving for the Clippers and the Thunder restarting. Fast forward to last weekend and we got this: 

Arguably more importantly we had Paul George's girlfriend and Dame's sister getting into it. PG's girlfriend called Dame's sister a cow and Dame's sister called PG's girlfriend a hoe stripper that he knocked up. Both hilarious but not great! Pretty cut to the core insults. 

But now we get PG and Dame apologizing and I HATE it. Fuck that. Give me true hatred just one time again in the NBA. These are two stars. You're talking about two of the top-10, maybe top-15 players in the league going at it. You have two teams that are going to constantly be in the NBA playoffs as the years go on. I just want to watch dudes go at each other's throat for 48 minutes. There's nothing more fun than watching two stars who hate each other pick each other up down the stretch in a close game. Love watching the 1-on-1 game and how they attack. 

Need Pat Bev to come over the top making fun of Dame now. See if that pisses him off to score 70 this next game and keep up some hatred.