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The Jackets/Lightning 5OT Game Just Further Proved How Goddamn Stupid Soccer Is For Using Penalty Kicks To Decide Matches

You know what was awesome last night? Watching a 5OT hockey game. Okay, well, the result wasn't great, but sitting on the edge of your seat for 5OTs with next goal wins is fucking awesome. It got me thinking of soccer and this tweet from Feits recently: 

It is absolutely insane that World Cup games are just decided on penalty kicks. Shit, not even just the World Cup - Champions League, MLS playoffs, etc. Are we really pretending like most soccer matches will go much longer than 120 minutes? No. Goals are scored, we had no problem watching hockey players play more than 2 full games for 1 games. Why do we make the exception for soccer? 

Sure, I might not be a hockey guy, but I am a soccer guy. I played, I watch, I'm a fan, all that good stuff. I understand the running and how tiring the sport can be, but there are some pretty clear changes that could be made. Stop with the 3 subs per game. Move it to 5. Add a bit longer break after the 120th minute before you start the 3rd overtime. 

These dudes are professional athletes that are in unreal shape. Pretty sure they can handle a bit more playing, considering it's rare. One thing to consider is if the underdog is hanging around after 90 minutes and even like 100ish minutes, they are going to play for PKs and get the better chance to advance. You get rid of PKs and teams have to play to win. We all get to sit on the edge of our seat for a damn goal. 

We don't end basketball games on a free throw contest. We don't playoff hockey games with a shootout. We don't do a field goal contest for football. For the love of God stop having important soccer matches end with a PK. PK's barely happen in games! 

And that's the end of my rant today for now.