Uhh What Is This Half Naked Man Behind Urban Meyer Doing On Live TV?

First of all, after further review, I have concluded that the half-naked man is in fact IN FRONT of Urban Meyer. We've got ourselves a mirror situation, folks. But to all of the idiots on the internet that think this random drunk guy stumbled upon Coach's boat during a live interview, you're crazy. This drunk dude may be stumbling and on Coach's boat, but he's not random. I'm pretty sure that's Bret Bielima...

Either him or Jim McElwain…

Is this an SEC coaches reunion? Either way, the fact of the matter is that Urban Meyer was out on the water partying. Why did he decide to do this when there was clearly about to be news broke about the season and he'd have to hop on TV? I don't know. Maybe because he's 7-0 against Michigan and can do whatever he wants. But look at that sunburn. Look at those eyes. I've seen that look before when I looked in the mirror at 2 am at The O Patio on campus. That dude has been boozing. 

And I'm pretty sure the guy in front of him in the mirror is about to hand him another can of beer. Why else would he get so mad? He clearly says no to something that the guy is doing. Is the dude drunk enough that he's coming onto the screen? Does he think that'd be funny or what? I'm not sure….but as soon as this live telecast ended this guy either got a high five for being hilarious or thrown off the boat for being an idiot. I'd side with the latter.

Here's Urban's wife's take on the situation:

Yeah okay, Shelley. That dude didn't know a Zoom session was going on? Urban was just talking into a phone for fun? Bret Bielma must've been three sheets to the wind.