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Blackhawks Get Run Over By Vegas. We Are On To Game 2

I started writing this blog after the 4th Vegas goal. The game is over at this point and if we are being honest it is hard to say that the Blackhawks were ever in it. Vegas dominated throughout. The Hawks had a few strong sequences in the 2nd period, but overall it was a lot of one and dones in the offensive zone. I said it in the preview blog, but this series has potential to have some Nashville 2017 nightmares and we saw that. The Vegas D skates so well that it felt impossible to get a consistent forecheck going. I don't see how that changes in the series. 

As ugly as things were at times, it's hard to imagine things being worse going forward too. Maybe I am just an optimist, but lets say...the refs get that Reaves offside call correct(that rule wasn't officially changed and his skate was off the ice), Toews post in period 2 goes in and Kane's 3rd period post goes in and suddenly it's a whole different game. The Blackhawks need to get A+ performances from 19, 88, 2, and 50. They didn't get the best from any of those guys. Historically those guys ALWAYS get better as the series goes along. I expect this series to be competitive going forward. Those guys will show up. They will be factors. If I am being totally honest with you, I don't think it'll be enough to win the series, but I'll go down with my guys. 

Vegas is a fucking wagon. They're a Cup caliber team. They're deep. They big. They're mean. The skill and speed is there in spades. The Hawks on paper just don't match up beyond their top 6. I'll have a more comprehensive recap blog tomorrow. Need a good night's sleep and 4 or 5 more popsicles to feel better after this one. Love you guys, goodnight.