KFC Radio Episode 24 Part 1 - Featuring El Presidente, The Writer From Barstool Boston


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Back for another Episode of KFC Radio this time featuring El Presidente the writer from Boston.


Couple of things.


1. Yes my face looks fat. I got a haircut and it fucking SUCKS. Totally disproportionate. Accentuates all the wrong things. Which may be the worst feeling in the world, when you’re sitting in the barber chair and you know your haircut is absolutely terrible and there is nothing you can do about it. Absolutely helpless.


2. I guess I have a thing for Susan Boyle? News to me as well. We briefly listen to voicemails before the show but not enough time to actually prepare things, so that Susan Boyle infatuation came from a deep dark place I didn’t know existed and quite frankly I’m disgusted with myself.


3. Feitelberg I guess doesn’t get boners when he dances, which is fucked up. Who doesn’t get rock hard when they dance with a chick? Makes me question him more than I’m question myself for Susan Boyle.