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Game 1 Of Bruins/Canes Has Been Rescheduled To Tomorrow At 11am Because CBJ/Lightning Are About To Go To A 5TH OVERTIME

BOOOOOOO!!!!! I am already 2 red bulls deep and ready to pull an all nighter but the NHL has officially rescheduled Game 1 of B's Canes because the Lightning Blue Jackets game (that started at 3 pm) is about to go to a FIFTH GOD DAMN OVERTIME. At first I was like fuck this, someone score because I wanted to watch the B's and now they're not gonna play till 11am tomorrow? BOOOOO. At least the ice won't be a puddle. See you tomorrow in which it will be a great morning to win a hockey game.

ps. Seth Jones is an absolute monster.

pps. Korpisalo currently has 85 SAVES heading into 5OT. Just nuts. Games on NBCSN, check it out.