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The Bubble Suns Might Never Lose Again

Who cares if the Sixers threw out their bench guys. You knew that was the deal as soon as Embiid went down. They are pretty much locked into the 6 seed and that's just how it's going to be. This is about the bubble Suns, or as I like to call them "The Greatest Basketball Team Ever Assembled For A Bubble Run". What this team has been able to accomplish has been incredible. This is a no joke 7-0








That's basically every other team that has looked great in the bubble plus the Wizards and Sixers. It would have been a great run had they gone 4-3 let alone 7-0. But when the Grizzlies and Pelicans fall asleep at the wheel and there's an opportunity for this team to make the play in game, you go for it and god dammit do I hope they get there. Their final game against the Mavs is going to be a doozy on Thursday. The Blazers are losing at the moment so maybe they rest everyone if they are locked into the 7 seed. We one one step closer to that POR/PHX matchup.

In another must win game, it was another 35 for Devin Booker. What a bubble run this dude is having. Every time he's faced a must win he goes out and drops 35. I don't even know what to say to that. Add in another breakout player in Mikal Bridges and his 25 and some production off the bench and this Suns team is winning with everyone getting involved. It's like if they can survive the first quarter the game is essentially over. Just 23 points today but then 40, 32, and 35 to close. It's been an insane run and one of the reasons the NBA's bubble experiment has been an overwhelming success from a basketball standpoint. 

I can't imagine anyone (other than Grizzlies or Spurs fans) who doesn't want to see this run keep on going. The Phoenix Suns are shocking the world and kicking ass while doing it.

Now talk that shit @Suns, talk that shit