It's Now Time To Save College Hoops And Protect It At All Costs After The Pac-12 Just Canceled ALL Nonconference Games

Goddamnit. Goddamnit. Why are we cancelling nonconference games this early? Granted, it's not shocking that the Pac-12 is pushing a conference only schedule, but it's August. Maybe let's see what happens the next month or two or you know TRY TO GET EVERY CONFERENCE ON THE SAME PAGE. See, this is why we need to get Mark Emmert the fuck outta here and put in someone like me. Someone who can overlook the entire sport and have one governing body. I'm only somewhat joking about it being me, but really we just need someone who can overlook as a true commissioner instead of doing whatever the hell Mark Emmert does. 

I know everyone will scream do a bubble. It's not necessarily as easy as it makes it seem to sound for college hoops. It's an option. I can 100% promise you that I know of major conference coaches and commissioners that are already exploring that option. However, the moment you put these guys in a bubble like that you're saying how important the profit is for the program and the school. Unless students aren't on campus and doing all remote learning, that's what you're saying here. Sure, you could just do it, profit for the year and deal with changing amateurism rules in the coming years. And we're talking about the NCAA, so it won't even change right away despite the fact it will legally have to soon. 

And yes I feel way better about this possibility because Larry Scot is a fucking moron. He can't even figure out how to get Pac-12 Network on TV's across America, there's a 0 percent chance he can figure out a bubble. Let someone oversee the entire sport - or at least the major programs and figure it out. 

I just don't want any rash decisions in August for a sport that doesn't start until October. Look at those tweets again - not even all the coaches knew this was going on. How in the world does that happen? Feel like maybe, JUST MAYBE, you should be talking to coaches within the conference while debating this. 

Obviously the goal here is going to be to have an NCAA Tournament no matter what. That's the massive moneymaker for the NCAA and all the schools. If the season starts Jan. 1 so be it, but it better be a joint decision. Having conferences go one by one making up rules is asinine. We still have time to save this sport. We have months to prepare. Kevin Willard still has the best idea of starting the season over Thanksgiving. Why aren't we doing this? Pretty much every campus in America is sending kids home from Thanksgiving until the start of the second semester. You can knock out half the season during that time in a de facto bubble on campus. That's where we should be starting with the Jan. 1 start as the second option. 

This all fucking sucks. Let's get the smarter people in the room and figure this out. Make it uniform and please give us sports and let these kids make money. Win, win, win.