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Ohio State Should Leave The Big Ten Behind And Never Look Back

OHIO STATE WANTED TO PLAY!!!!!! The Little 10 sucks. Embarrassing. Shameful. And unforgivable. They let us down, plain and simple. We have a National Championship quality team and the season was cancelled before it even started. How don't you delay this? That's why we went to the conference only schedule. To be flexible. This is about as flexible a brick. As flexible as a zero return policy from the store. As flexible as the Fat Bastard in Austin Powers. Point being: NOT FLEXIBLE. What's the rush here, Big Ten? You guys suck. 

Ohio State should leave the Big Ten and never look back. Yeah, good luck going forward Big 9. Have fun playing zero games on the national stage anymore. Ohio State is the Big Ten. And their vote and ideas should carry more weight than the rest of the schools combined. How could Ohio State not convince the rest of the presidents to at least delay the season? GOOD RIDDANCE.

Take us to the ACC, Big 12, or SEC. I don't care.