Pac-12 Follows Big Ten, Cancels Fall Football Season

Pain. The Pac-12 followed the lead of the Big Ten and will cancel its fall football season.

Honestly, my mission at this point may seem a bit antithetical to the objective of having college football, but it's to make sure there is not a spring season. It's not feasible and all it's going to do is further mess up the 2021 season. If we're pulling the plug on this thing, we need to give these people who have quite obviously been doing nothing for the last five months ample time to make sure we can play football next year.

There is still a sliver of hope that the Big 12 could side with the SEC and ACC and try to have a season, but I wouldn't count on it. If or when the news comes down that says the SEC has canceled its 2020 football season, I might weep. Even as we've had several days to prepare for these formal announcements, seeing them makes it way too real. We're probably not going to have any college football this year. This is not OK.

If anyone is interested, I have a fantastic sad Spotify playlist I can share with y'all. We'll get through this time together. Now I'm going to go watch 2019 college football highlights and cry.