Colin Cowherd's Latest Weird Hill To Die On

I've talked about it before when it comes to Cowherd, but when it comes to his opinions the dude doubles down like none other. 

He's been rallying against Joe Burrow since the end of the national championship because well...he just decided he wants to be anti-Joe Burrow no matter what the circumstance is involving the guy. 

The latest? 

His twitter name is "Joey" Burrow instead of just Joe. This is Cowherd's new "backwards hat guy". He even said it today during his show. 

"You know what Joey sounds like? Skateboard, hat on backwards, 14". 

This is coming from the same guy who raves about "Jimmy" Garoppolo and has since his time in New England. 

I mean this...this is REALLY nitpicking here. He clearly goes by "Joe". Hell, that's what was on the Heisman trophy, and oh yeah, that's what the commissioner called him when he announced his name as the number one overall pick. 

I especially take offense to this blazing Cowherd take because, I too, share the Joey name. I stand by my decision to go by this, and by Joe(y) Burrow's decision to have that as his Twitter name that he barely uses. 

But, like I said, Cowherd doesn't just double, he fucking quadruple doubles down on his takes. As proven right here.