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NBA Coaches Are Asking Their Players To Stop Hanging Out And Being Friends With Players On Other Teams During The Playoffs

[Source] - But there are coaches who have recently asked players to refrain from fraternizing with opponents as the postseason approaches, sources said. This has been met with mixed reviews among players.

I'll be honest. This isn't the best look. I can admit that. Coaches shouldn't have to ask this and at the minimum it shouldn't be met with mixed reviews. Need these guys to fucking hate each other like it's Dame vs Russ or TJ Warren vs Jimmy Butler. We need more rivalries. We need more hate. And I know, I know. MJ went golfing with the Celtics before games in the 80s and yada yada yada. But the fact is this is not the story we want out there as basketball guys. 

I'm all for tampering too. A little secret in the sports world but making your team better through free agency and trades is typically a good thing. Winning is better than losing. But you can do that shit behind the scenes. Give me hatred on the court. Give me hard fouls. Give me chippy play. I'll even take hold me back fights. Dap up after the game and go back to hating each other in game 2. I'm not asking for much. 

I just want to watch this in at least every series: 

Hell we're in bubble life, don't even need it on the court necessarily. Give me reports of dudes pushing each other in elevators and fighting around the pool. I just want some anger and I stand with the coaches. Also, the image of coaches having to hold a meeting and ask for this is laughable. I imagine Frank Vogel, who still looks identical to Joe from Impractical Jokers, being like LeBron listen for a second. I know I can't piss you off, but you can chill with all the liking everyone? Just for a couple weeks? Thanks man, now what do you want me to do so Jason Kidd doesn't get my job? 

NBA Real World Bubble Life: When people stop being polite and start getting real. Hopefully.