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CONFIRMED: Carson Wentz Has Dad Strength And Now The NFL Is In For A World Of Hurt

The 2020 NFL Draft was from April 23-25. But the biggest pick up of the offseason was when Carson Wentz and his wife welcomed their baby girl into the world on April 27th. You might think that Jalen Hurts was the most important addition to the QB room in Philly, but you'd be wrong. It was Dad Strength Carson. 

What has been the only thing holding Carson Wentz back from being the MVP of this league? Well besides some trash ass receivers and having to throw the ball to some dude on a Sunday who was teaching gym class on Wednesday, it has been injuries. And I'm not saying that Carson Wentz is injury prone because I think that's unfair. He's just had some really tough luck with injuries. I mean ACL tears happen and there's very little you can do about it. Now if you hurt the same knee again then yes, you'd be injury prone. But being on the receiving end of a Jadeveon Clowney cheap shot to the head? That doesn't make you injury prone, that just means that you played against an asshole who has no regard for player safety. 

So it's not that Carson Wentz is injury prone, it's just that he's had some really bad luck with injuries. But now that he's got some dad strength and some dad weight on his size? Well dads don't get hurt. They just don't. I mean they might get fucked up a little bit here and there but have you ever seen your dad cry out of pain or act like he feels pain before? Didn't think so. Because pain doesn't effect dads. And if injuries were the only thing holding back Carson Wentz from being the league MVP, well then you do the math on what happens next now that his dad strength will make those injuries a thing of the past. 

Go Birds.