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ALERT: Blockbuster Just Tweeted For The First Time Since 2014

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What is this?!?!!? Blockbuster from the god damn heavens!!!!! From whatever is above the heavens!!!!!! Blockbuster, baby!!!! Holy shit, I know it's just a tweet, but this is the biggest resurrection since….well since ever. I literally cannot think of one bigger than this. This was their sad last tweet, ever:



Sad times. But now it looks like the Blockbuster brand is making a comeback with the help of Air BNB or something?



Fucking AWESOME. I always wondered why, after losing the battle to Netflix, Blockbuster didn't pivot to literally anything else. They had a ton of real estate and brand recognition, they should have been able to figure something out. But instead, a staple of Americana disappeared forever, save for one store in Bend, Oregon.


Good on Air BNB for realizing Blockbuster still moves the needle. I'd give anything to drive over to a Blockbuster (shout out the one on Dobbin Road) and browse those aisles one more time. There was truly no better feeling as a youngster. Maybe we're coming full circle now? Blockbusters becoming homes for private movie screenings would be pretty sick. I'm down with that idea. Viva la Blockbuster. Blockbuster 4 ever.